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Default Re: balance of coals.

Originally Posted by mcmlb55 View Post
if you have a really shallow egyptian bowl, and if your shisha is a dryer one, try overpacking it. sprinkle the shisha in the bowl to the rim, and add an equal amount on top of that. take your foil and wrap the bowl tightly, as usual. poke a lot of holes. the shisha will be touching, and you will see a slight bubble, but it will smoke fine. you do not need as much heat as a normal packing, so try one coal, leave it on about ten minutes, and gauge your smoke and shisha state and see if you need more heat. i know it seems crazy, but i do it for nakhla in my shallow mod and it works fine. dont know how it works for wetter tobacco though, or in deep bowls.... ill try that tonight
did this last night with nakhla DA and it worked pretty well, kinda weird, just gota make sure to poke big holes through the tobacco

as to heat management make sure you keep you coals to the out side of the bowl, some times i even hang the coals off some if its getting to warm. another thing is that if your using nats the general practice is to flip them when you move them but that gives you more heat so you can just slide them too if heat is getting to be an issue

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