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Default My first Hookah:turkish

My entering in this forums was quite a long time ago but initially my idea was to learn some tricks to enchant my quite rare smoking at my friends because I didn't own a hookah...until last week. I've been in holiday in Turkey and I tought that it was the best oportunity to buy my first rig.
As I read from the forums I didn't search a brand one(like KM or MZ) and searched for an autentical one. What I've bought is a ~85cm turkish handmade hookah with 3 bowls and 11 packs of shiha(Kaya,Serbetly,Rosanna) for 100EUR. I choose all the parts by my self(stem, vase, hose) and I think it looks pretty good.

I chose plain clay bowls because I can find shiny ones in the shop from my town but those looked more authentic..

The hose is made of leather(I can see the layers at the joints) and the guy told me that it has some sort of wood inside the mouth piece that
enchants smoke(no ideea).

The vase was the cheapest part. It is simple glass but i like the design.

The stem is my favourite part. It is made of brass and the guy finished carving the pattern and polished it in front of me. He showed me his workshop where he makes all his stems. He also told me that all his patterns are unique(don't really think so) and just one piece is made. The main pattern is the stamp that was used by the sultan. I must say that is really heavy.

Here it is ready to go The pull is great!

So what do you think about my first hookah? Was it a good deal?


PS:sorry for my mistakes but my native language is Romanian...

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