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Default Re: hydro herbal shisha

I am gonna have to do the normal lay down on this:

First off it isnt any more natural than tobacco. Tobacco still grows from the earth...just like the sugarcane hydro comes from. Thats right sugarcane, not herbs, and infact its even more specific than that, bagasse, which is crushed sugar cane.

There are many ties with bagasse and pulmonary fibrosis (just google the studies, i hate doing it each time haha) so add the potential risk of lung cancer from smoking (you still are smoking...) and add pulmonary fibrosis, which by the studies, seems more than just a risk, and you got a product that is actually worse for you.

It also does not taste as good, and does not have as good of a body as tobacco, there is a reason that tobacco was the chosen leaf to smoke, very similar to why we use lettuce and not pine needles in our just works better that way.

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