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Default Re: My first Hookah:turkish


I bought mine from a shop in Kushadashi. There was a guy in front of me that was buying a pretty bad hookah from the guy(thin stem, crappy hose and very thin wind-cover(mine is really thick)) with about 150EUR(no Shisha). My luck was that I was romanian and his girlfriend was also from Romania.

He first offered me cheap copper stems but I said I want brass. After he showed me everything he had I wasn't pleased and he remembered that he had an unfinished one upstairs in his workshop. There I've met my stem.
He showed me his workshop in which he makes everything. Even the plain brass stem is made there( I saw stems that weren't welded yet). He makes first 4 pieces, he decorates the inaccessible zones and after he welds them. At the end(the part I saw) he makes the big carving in the middle.

One question for the ones that tried Serbetli. I had so far just verrrrrry crappy quick-lights and used just one at a time but I haven't managed to bake the Serbetli. Is it a bad quality shisha or there's just not enough heat?The possibility of being fake is I think excluded because the pack has tobacco stamp on it.
Second: which is better in your opinion: Serbetly of Kaya? I want to sell some of my packs(in Romania you make a good deal with it, double price) and I don't know which one.

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