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Default Re: Nakhla Margarita-anise taste..?

Originally Posted by Matt-641 View Post
Actually I got it from John a while back. Not saying anything bad about John's products though.

Maybe my body just doesn't want me to smoke much anymore, so it's rebelling lol
maybe take a break from smoking for a couple days. Ive noticed that if ive been smoking daily plus my usual snuffing i start to not feel well after about a week. I think the nicotine built up faster than my body could get rid of it and i was starting to feel sick from it. After a couple days i was fine.
If your not drinking enough fluids your body might not be able to flush the nicotine from your body quick enough. I read somewhere that the nicotine tends to gravitate to the liver so it may take some time for it to process it out.
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