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Default Re: What is your preferred hose?

Well, i can't really decide...

Pull wise, deffo KM hoses (Ultimate, normal rainbow-thingy, doesnt matter.. its all better than the washable stuff).

Then i have 2 nammors, which i love the looks of, but the draw isnt that good.. could be way better (like the KM hose), but they are washable, which is a huge plus.

Then i got a Razan, which is like the Nammor, except it seems of a worse quality.

And at last the Narbish, which im so-so about.. The draw is pretty much the same as the nammor/razan, maybe slightly better, but not much.. It feels pretty sturdy aswell, but i really, really, really hate the looks of it.

It's hard, but i think the normal KM hose rainbow style ( like this) is going to win.

For some reason im not getting any ghost flavor in this.. No idea why. I got plenty of ghost flavor in my nammors and KM Ultimate, but this one keeps on smoking like its new, so havent really had a problem with it not being washable.
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