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Default kitty + hookah = near disaster

So here's the scene. Last night, I'm laying on the floor smoking my evening bowl of Nakhla 2 Apple. My 22" hookah is on the floor in front of me, about hookah height away. is glowing away in front of me on the laptop, Thievery Corporation is providing a soothing aural atmosphere. The only other light in the room is coming from two candles.

I've got a nice, mellow buzz is good!

Rizzo, one of my cats, decides she wants in on the good life and lays down in front of me. Being fairly dark, I couldn't see that she had lied down on top of the hose. I thought the hose was running behind her and felt it would be better if the hose were in front of her. So I give the hose a tug, the cat freaks out and runs, catching her rear legs on the hose and pulling the hookah right at me. Three red hot ******* Hookah natural coals come flying towards me. Being my turn to freak out, I jump up and start cursing like a sailor.

I guess it goes without saying that the mood was broken at this point. "Luckily", I was laying on an old bed sheet, which the coals mostly landed on. I quickly bundled up the sheet and ran it to the bathtub and turned the water on. One piece of coal landed on the carpet and by the time I got back it had a pretty good mark in it.

I think maybe a "smoking rug" is in order.

Thankfully Rizzo didn't end up with a coal on her back. I don't even want to think what the results of that would have been.
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