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Default Re: Best Travel Hookah

I have both the MYA QT, and the Bambino available to me whenever I want. I have smoked from both hookahs before, and they both smoke very very well, especially for their size. They both are great little hookahs! Since you said you want more than 1 hose, then I would suggest the QT, as you can get those with the 2 hose option. If you are really set on the Bambino, you can check out photolinger's video here:

In that video, he shows you how to convert a Bambino into a 2 hosed hookah, by converting the purge valve into another hose port!

Good luck with your decision! I almost forgot to mention, both the QT and the Bambino come with a carrying case, the QT comes with a cage that you can even leave the hookah in while youre smoking it! The Bambino comes with its own little hard case, so you wont have to worry about either of them getting damaged during travels. Im sure which ever hookah you do decide to go with, you will like it very much!
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