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Default To all hookah beginners

While there are endless posts as mine here at hookahpro, let me tell you that I have seen the light today by having my first successful hookah with natural coals. Thanks to all of the members advices I ordered a box of coconaras even though I leave outside the U.S. and took a while to get them. But alas, even after failing twice to use the coals, I can say that when done right they are hookah nirvana. So to all people that are starting to join the hookah passion, make the move! Some tips are that yes, having an electric stove helps a lot, but it will still require some effort. Even leaving the coals for 10 or 15 minutes, they have a high chance of cooling down, my best advice is to cook the hell out of them, and blow some air, even better with a hair dryer. Don't worry if it burns out again, just keep on trying and use a wind cover! even a homemade can will do the job. I'm still a long way of experimenting with natural coals but they are really worth it! Beat the hell out of my three kings even if they are one of the best quick light coals, and i would love to here even more tips from the real hookah pros! So heres to you fellow smokers for opening my eyes!
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