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Default Mya Odyssey Metal Construction

I have been very curious recently in regards to the metal composition of my Mya Odyssey form H-S.

I have always thought it was just Nickel plated Steel, which in fact was just a guess.

The inside of the center stem and the heart are very interesting though. There is a very roughly constructed, unfiled/unpolished metal on the inside, and I have no doubt in my mind that this is actually brass. It is a gold color, not a reddish or brownish color. It is NOT magnetic. It is pretty heavy.

The outside coating is very shiny. I have always assumed that it was nickel. But i know for a fact nickel is magnetic, and no part of my Mya is magentic.

So what could this possibly be constructed of? Brass and some alloy coating? The coating is scratch-resistant and smudge resistant, could it be aluminum?
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