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few questions first
[LIST][*]what bowl are u using? if its a egyptian dont build it too high and sprinkle the tobacco, and if its a phunnel pack the shit out of it, and dnt be shy about aswell[*]what coals are you using? if they any type of quick lite coals, ditch them and get some naturals[*]how much coal are u putting on? if there is too much or too less youll be getting low smoke even less flavour, or plentyfull smoke and no flavour ( 2-3 cocos on a phunnel, 1-2 on an egyptian)[*]hole pattern? if theres too much again much smoke no flavour, and if theres less holes then not enuff flavour[*]your hookah? what type is it, are theyre air leaks, check to mek sure[*]water level? overlooked too much should be about 1 inch above the downstream[/LIST]and also pictures and a better description about exactly how your doing all of the above so we can help diagnose the situation.......anything ive nt covered should be covered by sambooka, patelbadboy, dunkel, photolinger and the other elites soon enuff
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