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Default Re: The Origin of "Phunnel"

Originally Posted by DeHookahNut View Post
And to be fair, both phunnel and funnel are really appropriate also.

Bro lets not get all idealistic about a forum and its spelling of an object. There is more important things in life then that.

Im have stated my perspective and I am going to continue to call it a phunnel and if people don't like it.... C'est la vie
If I want to be idealistic in this respect, then I will choose to be. You can continue to misspell the word if you want. The creation of this thread was to try to correct my desire to continue to call it a funnel. If i vocalize back each time you make a point with another, I'm just playing the game. If you hate the fact I prefer the F spelling and think the ph is wrong...well...C'est la vie.

Originally Posted by Scoop View Post
if thats really your stance you should never support mya by buying their products since all they do is bastardize the original hookah.
Haha, lets use what I said in respect to language on a lot of other fronts too for fun shall we? Maybe its my background's desire to try to maintain some level of a clean language, who knows. You can still call Mya innovative, in that it is inexpensive and to some extent attractive. Misspelling a word is not quite in the same arena as this.


You guys really have anything that even resembles a productive argument yet?

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