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Default What am I doing wrong? Khalil Mammoon?

Hey guys,

I was wondering what I'm doing wrong? Since I don't put that much water I, pack the bowl right as you guys have taught me and I use AF shisha and a nammor hose. I also have a diffuser on this KM. I use 1 layer of heavy duty foil and 3 coco nara's I get some good smoke but not insane as a KM does, I do get some heavy smoke till the flavor starts to get to intense and starts to scratch. I move the coco naras to the side and then it gets smoother and nice but then the amount of smoke drops drastically! For some reason I can't seem to have the right temperature to maintain a heavy amount of smoke.

Any help much appreciated.

sorry for the low quality pic, took it with my phone.

ps. off topic Holland finally got licensed in FIFA 10!!
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