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Default Re: The Origin of "Phunnel"

Okay, so here is my question - were funnel style bowls invented by Eric Hoffman and he trademarked the Tangiers bowl as the "Phunnel"? Or have funnel style bowls been around awhile and he just improved upon them and gave them a catchy name?

What I'm getting at is if Eric trademarked the name "Phunnel" bowl then that would be like saying, "I'm using a Mya Saray bowl" if the person does, in fact, have an honest-to-God Tangiers Phunnel. The issue I have is when people have a generic funnel style bowl and still call it a Phunnel bowl. It's like when people call all facial tissues a Kleenex or all soft drinks Coke.

Full disclosure - if someone ever comes along and tries to market to all the hip kids by making an Egyptian bowl and trademark the name "E-jipshun" I would use "Egyptian" exclusively. There is no way I would use the alternate spelling, because it would just make me feel stupid. Spelling is sort of important to me. I lost the district spelling bee in fifth grade because I got a bad case of stage fright and misspelled "ulcer" (I spelled it with a dang "s").

In summary - this topic is phunny.