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Default Cant find where the leak is!!

Hey all, i just got back from holiday and missed my shisha for a whole month!! last nite i decided to have a good session. after filling the base with water i tested for leaks like i normally do. covering the top with my palm and sucking through the hose port with no hose inserted. and theres quite a large leak somwhere. my first thoughts was the vase base grommet so i changed it for a tighter fitting one. but stil the same leak. i chekd all the welds and they seem to b no problems there! ive tried cheking the pruge valve by taking the ball bearing out and covering that with my finger while i suck through the hose port. and stil theres a leak.
so i decided to smoke. when purging during smoking the only smoke i see coming out is from the purge valve and nowhere else. Im kinda confused!!
Any help would be great
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