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Default Re: The Origin of "Phunnel"

Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
It's a brand name bowl, its not the phirst hookah bowl, its not going to be the last. Its a brand name. Is the Subaru Phorester in the dictionary? No, it isn't. Did subaru create the vehicle? yes, did they market it? yes. is it still a car? yes. Bottom line its an S-U-Phee (might as well take over that letter while we're at it) with a brand name. In the case oph tangiers, we haphe a bowl with a brand name that is a phariation on what it is in the end.

Forrester : SUphee :: Phunnel : Funnel


but that is beside the point. I pheel that sacrificing my phreedom to make you happy makes perphect sense.

edit: BP I wish you had posted that aphter me.
Yes, it's a brand name bowl. Every brand can decide on its name. Coca Cola is not spelled Koka Kola for whatever reason but they came up with it, they can name it.

What does the Subaro "Phorester" have to do with anything? If they wanted to call if Photester they could have. And yes, it's still a car but that's besides the point.

And I doubt that the Subaru "Phorester" would be in any dictionary, no matter how its spelled.

I have a simple solution to the problem at hand... if you don't like how it's spelled,write a letter, ask them if they'll change it, if they don't, don't buy it.
Just because you spell a brand name hookah bowl with a "Ph" doesn't mean the whole English speaking world is going to delete the "f" from the Alphabet.

You feel that sacrificing your freedom to make me happy makes perfect sense? Tell me again how you sacrifice your freedom because a brand name bowl is spelled with "ph" instead of "f"?
Or are you asking them to sacrifice their freedom of naming their product whatever they wish in order to make you happy?

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