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Default Re: Found a great deal on an old favorite! Exoticas!

Originally Posted by phatpride1 View Post
beware of the coals, when i ordered 5 boxes from john i got one bad box and contacted exotica and they told me to F%$k off since john wasn't a authorized dealer. But my other 4 boxes were good.
DUde honestly, that had to be one of Gabe's workers because I know for a FACT Gabe wouldn't ever talk to me or anyone like that. Lol especially since I always email him if I ever came across any probs with his coals and he always answered back in a respectful manner.

I'd honestly save that email and report that to Gabe himself. Whoever talked down to you like that should seriously get into trouble.

But anyways, back to the thread. Idk I love me my exoticas, but I've like the CH nats so far. Going to smoke the Exoticas again once my 4 boxes of CH are gone :P
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