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Default Re: The Origin of "Phunnel"

Originally Posted by Scoop View Post
photo, what are you talking about? im telling you those exist, do you write them complaints all day saying they bastardize the language?

you have no response to what i said. pretty sad. you managed to tell me what kind of companies they are? what does that have to do with me using examples that show misspelled words in our society. im just telling you youve lost. you made yourself sound dumb. i destroyed your argument for bastardization of language, since all those exist and you know of them.

in fact, youre the one who started this by suggesting that subaru spelled forester just extending the bounds of your argument.
what is sad is that i have to hold peoples hands and stoop down to a lower level to explain this.

a "phunnel bowl" is still a funnel bowl....thats what im getting at...

so when demonix (not calling you out buddy) writes a post explaining why its ph not not f, well, this is me explaining why i use f.

A) I think stupid brand spellings should remain brand names and not be used as our actual words
B) Names are meant to be used as nouns not adjectives unless indicating some sort of possession, hence: Tangier's Phunnel (ahah!)
C) A "phunnel" is still a Funnel bowl, much like a big mac is still a hamburger.
1)So when i explain the subaru forrester is still an SUV and have someone agree with me on this and get confused....I GET CONFUSED by their argument.
2)The list I modified when you posted had a point to it. And if the statement proceeded by "C)" is still not a good enough explanation to that, I wash my hands of you.
D) Just because Eric made a "phunnel" doesn't mean its not a funnel still.
E) Because of D, you have no right to say Funnel is wrong.

If you don't understand these points by now, wow is all i can say.

and come on, really some of you did not quite get the ph thing earlier....

"blu mist rulz dawg an that stuff ain't like it an if youz don't agree you bez a shithead yo" - Hajo Flettner

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