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Default Re: This may offend some of you but...

Originally Posted by HippieMama View Post
I can't obviously speak for everyone, but I'm not offended. Whether I care for a flavor or brand myself doesn't mean everyone should equally dislike it. I don't smoke Starbuzz because I can't justify the cost.

I've seen plenty of review videos on here where members get some decent size clouds with Nakhla. Check those out. Most members disclose their set-up at the beginning of the review - what rig they're using, how many/what type of coals, wind cover or no, hose, etc. It may help you get a feel for Naklha heat management and improve your experiences with it.
beautifully said.

also, dude, youre a heretic, nakhla beats starbuzz with a zombie corpse

and don't take that comment as something hostile lol

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