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Default Re: This may offend some of you but...

Starbuzz is frequently poo-pooed on because it's really overpriced. There are some good quality tobaccos on the market that cost a third of what SB does. The appeal of Starbuzz is mostly the monster clouds and catchy flavor names, but my understanding is that it lacks in flavor. Many people would rather have slightly less dense smoke if it means having a shisha that responds well to heat and tastes consistently amazing.

Don't get me wrong, there are tobacco brands that are a festival of fail all the way around. They taste like dung, the batches are inconsistent in quality, the cut is horrible, they produce thin clouds, they burn easily, etc.

When you say it's "harsh" do you mean it tastes burnt and it burns your throat or is it simply stronger than what you're used to? Bear in mind if you're used to Starbuzz, Nakhla is going to be more potent because SB is a washed tobacco, whereas Nakhla is not.
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