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Default Re: What am I doing wrong? Khalil Mammoon?

AF can be really hard to get smoking right. Some have said that it is an art to pack & smoke it. I would tend to agree. Regular packing methods have given me nothing but trouble with this brand.

There's a trick to get AF to be smooth. Scoop a large amount of tobacco into a phunnel bowl. I mean something like 35 grams for a small phunnel. Then, pack it down firmly with your thumb so it's just under the rim. It mustn't touch the foil etc.

Poke your holes whichever way you prefer. Throw 3 nats (some use 4) on there and let the bowl warm up for at least 5 minutes. Then start pulling. If it's harsh or funny in the throat, let it warm up some more or use a windcover. When AF hurts your throat, it means it requires more heat.

At the end of the day, it's a lot of trouble, but it's worth it. Though AF gets bashed a lot around here, I think it's still a very good brand. If you think this is too much work, I recommend Starbuzz or JM's Hookah; anyone can figure them out.
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