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Default Re: This may offend some of you but...

just lay around with your set up, for a while i was packing nakhla a bit dense with a good gap in a mod bowl, i can pack it loose in an egyptian with a gap or i can super over pack it where the foil is still being pushed up.

nakhla is not as smooth as SB pure and simple as that, an it is because its unwashed (technically lightly washed but what ever), also lighting up especially can give you some tickle, try putting 2-3 coals on an egyptian (i use 3 CH nats) and let it sit 5, maybe 10 mins then try it, see if its any better, part of it is just that you will need to get used to it.

also i dont pull deeply, i just take 1/3-1/2 a breath when i smoke, it keeps you from getting a huge buzz and doesnt mess with your lungs as much (wont get sore lungs as easily if you smoke to much)

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