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Default Re: wisdom teeeth out... hookah?

Originally Posted by The Egyptian View Post
another reason for me to delay getting my wisdom teeth pulled out

one of which is growing at a 90 degree direction into the next one LOL
haha, i think one of mine was impacted, i got them out when i was like 14 though right after i got braces off, it wasnt too bad for me though

the answers im seeing on the web say 2 days min, try not to for 5 days. granted it depends on how easy the teeth come out and how fast you heal. i had a frosty and chilli the night i got mine out (not with a straw of course and i let the chilli cool a bit but it didnt bother me at all).

i would error on the side of caution though since smoking a cig is all of what 10 puffs where hookah is 100 puffs at least so.

if it was me i would probably way 5-7 days and then try it, if it was uncomfortable at all i would stop.

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