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Default Caked up glass scolli, phunnel, etc?

Im not the creator of this technique. That genius is floating around here somewhere.

Anyway, i see once in a while people complain that the glass scolli mod gets caked up with burnt shisha after a few uses

Well take a small gladware container or some other microwaveable cup. Put some water in it and mix in plenty of dishwasher detergent. I have used the cascade liquid and the powder....both working equally as well as the other. Mix it up and drop in the pieces you want to clean. I start at 60 seconds intervals in the microwave and once its hot i step it up to 120 second intervals. Gets that gunk off of there after a few rounds....i just keep going until im happy.

And remember, let it cool down naturally...DONT rinse it in cold water....drastic changes in temperature can crack glass Just rinse it after its back down to room temperature.

Anyhow, just a reminder for the old guys on here....and the new people joining everyday

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