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Default Re: Im new to hookah,Does it leave a Smell ?

I'm an ex smoker of many, many years. I quit a few months ago and am hyper sensitive to smells now. As mentioned by Dakins, I absolute hate the smell of smoke now. Annoying hookah smells (for me), come from the initial lighting of coals, which eventually disappear few mins after starting them up when using naturals. The other annoying smoke smell comes from when you accidentally burn your shisha due to over heating, not paying attention, experimentation, etc. Of course, dropping coal on something flamable like carpet will make a smell too. But normal use, nah, depending on the flavor you're smoking, makes the room smell like it. If you smoke primarily fruit flavors, your room will smell like a fruit bowl. Smoke coffee flavors, the room will smell like a Starbucks. If in doubt or just curious, check out a lounge before you try it out in the house.
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