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Default Re: Solo hookah session

I smoke alone most of the time. I do smoke with friends aswell but I prefer to smoke alone because they can't smoke properly, they take small pulls as if a mouse is smoking and the shisha turns cold and they prefer AF instead of Nakhla. One of my very close friends is a smoker like me but if I invite him then I have to invite the others too so I font bother. I don't literally smoke alone, I have my wife with me but just me who smokes. I actually prefer to smoke with my younger brother than my friends, he smokes it properly, doesn't hog it, never complains and seems to enjoy every flavour I do, a real cool guy to smoke with.

If you only smoke shisha as a social activity for you and your friends then i can understand you feeling uncomfortable smoking alone but if you smoke to unwind at the end of the day like I go then there's nothing odd about it. Is it odd to smoke a cigerette alone? To have a shower alone?

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