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Default Re: Im new to hookah,Does it leave a Smell ?

Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
however, if you're in her house, it is her rules, I never disrespected my father's non smoking rule in his own house.
This. I try to smoke outside when I can. When my house burned down a few years ago my husband lost his job right after that, so we had to move in with my parents. My mother is a non-smoker. Since I have a child, we do not ever smoke cigarettes in the house; however, my parents have no problems with me smoking the hookah in my bedroom as it's upstairs (my son sleeps downstairs) and the smell does not travel throughout the house.

I'd recommend smoking outside. It's better than trying to figure out whether your mom would detect a faint hint of whatever you were smoking and risk being in trouble, even if you are of legal age. At least smoking outside there wouldn't be that slim chance she'd notice. She may be disappointed in you if she found out you were smoking in general, but at least you'd be respecting her home. As a side-note, she should not be able to pick up any odor of smoke on your clothing.
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