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Default Re: making a "weld"

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
if it came like that from a seller then return it, you shouldnt get something broken if you paid money

ya jb weld is going to work just fine and compared to doing a correct solder on it, the jb will be easier and cleaner

i agree it should'nt be broken but i dont mind just fixing it on my own really not that big of a deal. got the jb weld but im waiting to apply it so i can see how it smokes wich it smokes really good and will smoke even better when i get it all sealed up.

other then the not so good build quality of this thing im really liking it. dare i say it smokes and purges just as well as my KM really worth the 40 bones as KillerB would say haha also loving the tangiers sized windcover
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