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Default HookahCon '08

i have been throwing this idea around since i joined any hookah forum. who would be up for hookahcon which will be basically a country wide meeting of people and hopefully international. we all go to one place and meet up together and smoke and get to meet eachother. if a vendor heads out also would be cool for them to bring some stock to sell it in person.

since people wouldnt want to spend a vacation just to meet people i think a good location where there are other things to do like stuff in vegas, new york (expensive just ask mart), florida possibly. it will be great.

so basically want to see if it was to possibly happen who would be up for it, any specific time we should wait possibly? any specific place people are up for? sure central US might be better but as i said i want it also a good vacation spot. one year we do hawaii hahaha
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