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Default Re: Solo hookah session

since i got my own rig i would say 99% of my smokes are alone, there are very few people i like smoking with frequently and usually when i smoke with them we each have out own rigs cause all of us are hogs. i usually pack up my hookah after ive come back from the studio, got some food and taken a shower, put on some tv and just chill. its become a ritual kinda that helps me decompress and distance my self from school since i literally have the closest apartment to the art building (walk across the alley/loading dock area all of 100 feet door to door probably) so it has to be mental

my friends that i smoke with up here at school usually it just becomes kind of a hassle honestly cause its like 3-5 of us on one hookah and passing it all around. i prefer to smoke with just one maybe 2 friends, it is better for conversations and all... now if only this girl im trying to date smokes hookah then i would hopefully not smoke alone as much

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