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Lightbulb Experiment Sucess!

Okay it's been awhile since my last posting. I've determined I have a 19" chinese hookah. my hose split and i ended up buying a $3 al fakher hose (i'm pretty sure it's ment to be a 1 use hose but i'm keeping it until it breaks lol). So here is my review on what i've done lately.

Homemade diffuser made from a chapstick cap. (i know there was a video or posting for it somewhere.) i've tried this and it does work fairly well, i'm experiencing much smoother and flavorful hits.

Ice in the vase. Despite many people saying doing this helps, i see no real benefits in doing this, and i also fear the risk of my vase shattering due to temperature change.

Juice/Liquor in the vase. Liquor definitely gets you a buzz, but the taste just doesn't match for me personally. Juice if it compliments the flavor seems to work very well however.

Al Fakher $3 Hose. It is very small in diameter and I can't get large hits using it, but for $3 when your in a pinch it definitely gets the job done. It is washable which is a plus. The only down side is it seems very delicate, one hard impact is likely to shatter either the mouth piece or where it hooks into the hookah.

and my most recent experiment:
Sweet Melon Starbuzz Shisha
Standard Heavy Duty Aluminum
Cheap Generic Quicklight Coals ($1 per roll lol)
Homemade Diffuser
2 Parts Water, 1 Part Sobe Lizard Lava In The Vase
19" Chinese Hookah

This is one of the best smokes i've had in a long while, the flavor was very mellow and had an almost relaxed feel to it. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who hasn't tried something similar to it and wants something a little different.

(Sorry I seem to be going at random with this, but my thought process isn't really the best right now lol. I'm a little tired and had a long day ay work.)
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