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Default Re: This may offend some of you but...

Originally Posted by patelbadboy2006 View Post
Doubt anyone will get offended here, its your opinion and everyone iwll respect it, i like both brands, i like the SB margarita, safari melon dew, and citrus mist, whereas in nakhlas theys other flavours i prefer, and i like some from AF some from Fumari, no not one brand is perfect its which flavour you prefer in which brand

exactly what id, say, i cant ever just fully stick to one brand, yh nakhlas great, but i cant luv everything they have, its more like a few from each company, but i am generally annoyed with the price of starbuzz, but i still like a couple of flavours, but honestly i smoke mainly AF some nakhla, (still in the process of trying) very few starbuzz flavour(sumthings always missing) fantasia (blueberry, and sometimes pink lemonade) some fumari, some JM's, but my back to base evryday smoker would have to be al fakher, but lately they have been making rubbish batches
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