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Default hookah roller coaster ride, win fail, fail, semi win, about to win

Well it all started when I found a damaged box of shisha. This happens occasionally, it's not sellable but that doesn't mean its not good. So today I found AF ESK, leaking, bummer, wait, no not really, that used to be a favorite that I have neglected for some time now. WIN WIN So I decide to pack it tonight, NAK/Tangiers style in a phunnel bowl. Over packed and the hole bit but I felt it wasn't right since the cut was so thin. I packed it anyways. Put the coals on and it was just barely smoking, big holes but it was packed in there like a jam, it was a fail, and to make matters worse I was using a KM that had a damaged bowl stem (obviously I take for myself what I can't sell) It fit on ok but I had to squeeze it on tight. The bowl was not only burning, and giving little smoke the phunnel started to lean. I decided before it could get worse I'd just start fresh with an egyptian clay bowl and pack it af style, loosely, old school. So I go to fix the bowl on the stem, and I apply alot of pressure, I've got decent biceps, but I'm no Sambooka Anyways the pressure was so hard I break the clay bowl. I grab yet another bowl and start again, but over all it was a fail.
I'm about to go prepare something else now, with a non damaged stem, non af, and try to enjoy a smoke this evening, thought I'd share. if at first you don't suceed try try again, and that's what someone once said
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