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Default Big Tangiers buzz?

Hey guys, just recieved another order today of some tangiers regular line. Passion fruit and tropical punch, which both were fantastic. I really love the lucid passion fruit...but the noir line really packs the full flavor. I was a little shocked on the buzz value though I remember a while back packing tangiers watermelon(noir) with a couple buddies, and that kicked us in the ass in two hits lol. Down for the coount buzz haha...

But todays session with passion fruit and tropical punch...minimal to no buzz. Now im not one to crave a buzz during a session, but i was expecting it to be real prominent. I see a lot of reviews on the tangiers noir line packing a huge buzz, but its weird how this didnt seem to be the case. Im not trying to bring tangiers down in anyway. Like i said both flavors smoked sooooooo well. The flavor was just perfect in both tropical fruit and passionfruit. Just a little curious why i didnt get a kick in the face buzz like i did with watermelon...

Just wanted to share, and wanted to hear your guy's thoughts
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