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Unhappy Shisha tastes like menthol when I'm certain it's not supposed to

I'm still a pretty novice smoker. Just about six months of smoking now. I've tried several dozen flavors and I'm finding that Layalina tends to be the most consistently pleasant for me. One if my favorites so far was Layalina's double apple, which I've only had from the 50g package. Well, in my most recent order from Hookah-Shisha I went ahead and bought a 250g package of the double apple, since I've liked it so much.

When I opened it up, it smelled like it should. Same texture and color and everything. Packed it like normal. But when I smoked it, after about 10 minutes of smoking a clear menthol flavor developed. It's less of a taste and almost more like a texture in the back of your throat. Almost minty, but not exactly. Just a cool sensation in the back of your mouth. Well, eventually it completely overpowered the flavor of the shisha. It was awful.

I can't figure out why it did that. My first thought was that maybe it has to do with acclimation? When I bought a big package of Tangiers, I had to let it sit out for a few hours before smoking it. I'm wondering if the Layalina stuff needs that also? I don't really know. I'm hoping someone here's got some advice.
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