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Default MIZO vs AF have you noticed?

Have you noticed that watermelon and guava by Nakhla Mizo smell exactly the same as AF's same versions. Same goes for Grape.
I have heard that the Mizo line is Nakhla's way of competing with AF's rise in popularity over the last 5 years. (they should have acted quicker, and now, even more slowly AF throws in AF2 to compete with the worlds best seller))
Now the tobacco is really different, that is obvious, or at least the cut is. However, the watermelon and guava "smell, out of the box" exactly the same for both brands. I haven't done this side by side but that's the impression I am getting. Smoking is different, I really like the Mizo line, however, mizo mint vs af mint, i will go af all the way.
Is it me or is anyone feeling the same? Are they getting their flavoring from the same source? In the US there are several if not many companies that offer flavors for shisha.
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