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Default Re: I just dumped AF DA in the bin

Okay I smoked Al Fakher Pipe, it smells perfect but I cant get it to smoke right without it being harsh and very faint flavour! I can make everything else smoke right except Al Fakher.

I've smoked al fakher in the past and I would say that I've never had this problem, I used to get clouds out of it.

I smoked Al Fakher Grape and Mint (Prod date June 2009) with friends, I recently ordered from america. It smelt like ketchup and tasted like ketchup!!! No one could smoke it. Today I left it out for 15 hours and the smell has become A LOT more like grape now and less like ketchup (still the ketchup hint - depends on what you think), but nothing like grape and mint, ill try smoking this tomorrow and keep you updated on how it tastes.

In terms of cut, I agree I dont have a clue on how to get al fakher to smoke without being harsh. Ill run tests on this and see how it goes, fingers crossed it will taste amazing! LOL

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