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The standard Mya Saray downstem assembly is comprised of 4 parts.

1. The downstem tube

2. The shoulder ring

3. an "O" ring

4. a short section of threaded tubing.

Part #4 has seperated from part #1.

The main tubing and the threaded section is "permanantly" attatched by the factory inserting some of the threaded tubing inside of the the main downstem tube. They then make 3 or 4 crimps in the main tubing over the threaded section to keep it in place. They look like little dimples.

Your threaded portion has seperated from the tubing.

Unfortunately... this threaded portion and your shoulder ring is stuck in the heart of your hookah stem. The problem is that there is little room to get a pair of needle nose pliers in there and get any kind of bite on it to apply the needed torque to unseize the stuck portion of the threads inside the stem.

What to do?

Find a friend that works on cars and has a shitload of tools to do it... chance are he/she has something called and "Easy Out". This is a cone shaped device with that has swirl shaped fluting on it. It is designed to grab the inner surface of stuck tubing so that you can back it out with a socket wrench.

If you dont have a buddy with this tool...... go flirt with the local mechanic dude.... wink-wink. he'll get it out.
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