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Default Re: Taking a 3 Week Break Phrom Hookah, How do I Resist?

Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
Demonix, WTPH man? copyin' my style!

honestly, remember the point is to relax, not breathe only smoke
I was fine after the first bowl yesterday, but after the 2nd I got a headache and I barely smoked it because I didn't care for it.
I forgot to include that my GF of 13 months is getting upset about my smoking habits so I'm doing it for her as much as I am myself. I

Originally Posted by The Egyptian View Post
phrom my point oph view I think you should rephrain phrom writing about your break phrom hookah bephore members start giving u **** phor your hippie ephin f=ph style ..... LOL j/k man
Damn right Ahmad! Phor once it would be nice iph we could could get along just phine.
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