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Default Re: should I get a phunnel bowl?

it all depends on how much you smoke.

if you smoke 15 minute-30minute sessions dont get a phunnel. youll just complain about it later

if you smoke for more than an hour and a half, get a phunnel. its the best thing you can do for longevity and flavor.

also if you are financially burdened and are frequently low on tobacco, do not get a phunnel. my small phunnel holds 25-30g and that is way too much for most people.

it really depends on you as a person. for me the decision is very simple. every time i smoke its for a few hours. i kill every bowl i smoke. if i had to use an egyptian bowl, the juice would run out, flavor and clouds disappear and id have to repack and use even more tobacco than i currently do. i stick to phunnels.
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