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Default Good flavors for non hookah smokers?

So I'm starting to build a solid stash and learning tons of new ways to improve my sessions but because of the social nature of hookah, I wanted to bring my gf and some of my friends into a little hookah smoking. Problem is, they don't or never smoked hookah before. As I'm kind of a newb myself I know some brands and flavors are harder to enjoy when your just a beginner. Nakhla may be the greatest tobaacco on Earth, but people like me that don't like heavy buzzes too much find themselves with headaches or not being able to enjoy a session for more than 20 minutes. So I wanted to know some recommendations on some killer flavor shisha but minimal or small on the buzz so that people for the first time can really enjoy it and get hooked . Some flavors I've tried that worked are from Fantasia and Starbuzz. I just ordered some from the Tangiers Lucid line as they are easier on the buzz but still pack a ton of flavor. Any other shisha I should try to lure my dear ones into the dark side?
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