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Default Re: non-washable hoses.

Originally Posted by larrypzlast
Originally Posted by wishdrftr
nammor all the way! I've got one for melon flavors and another for berry flavors and they are friggin awesome! I'm a car guys so I'm used to spending $100-$500 on parts so $40 for a couple of great hose was a bargain. They barely fit in my cheapy hookah though.
Save some money for a month and instead of buying parts load up on a sick hookah and some shish! Sounds like a good idea doesn't it? That is what I would do personally
Oh well i actually just bought a KM second hand! I was just stating that my nammors dont fit well in my cheap hookah (I like it and all). As far a shisha I spend a handful on that as well. I always have AF grape on hand....really I mean always!
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