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Default Re: Good flavors for non hookah smokers?

If they've never smoked anything before then any amount of nicotine could give them side-effects. Hookah Hookah has some pretty out-there flavors and is less expensive than Starbuzz. You can even purchase little shisha shots, which are one-time use portions of HH in a sealed cup. I think they're $1.10 each. Not bad if you're looking to experiment with some different flavors to offer your non-smoking friends.

You just have to be careful with Hookah Hookah, as it's very heat sensitive. You need to keep it away from the foil, poke lots of tiny holes with a safety pin and use two natural coals on the bowl at the most. My experience with Hookah Freak (which is pretty much the same thing as HH) is that it is unforgiving when it comes to the slightest heat management mistakes.

And, most importantly, have your friends expressed interest in the hookah lifestyle? If not and you're only looking to recruit them so you won't be a lonely smoker you really need to be careful that you don't pressure them into smoking. If they don't want to then, hey, all the more shisha for you. If they do, then make sure they take some important steps to minimize the risk of getting a buzz and/or hookah sickness:

1. Make sure they eat a light snack prior to smoking. Nothing heavy or greasy - just something to sustain them.

2. Make sure they are well hydrated, not only throughout the session, but prior to smoking. If they don't drink anything all day, 16oz of water while smoking won't be as effective.

3. Don't let them take monster pulls or take frequent draws from it. It's important they don't hot box it and deprive themselves of oxygen. Even experienced hookah smokers have passed out because they "hoover" the hose and try to smoke too fast/hard.

4. Make sure your coals are fully lit prior to placing them on the bowl. They should be glowing red/orange all the way through. If you're using quick lights, they shouldn't be sparking at all. No black spots should be visible.
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