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Default How many Exotica coals for Nakhla?

Well I've been having some Nakhla DA that I brought from Germany. And I just received some Nakhla Mizo Grape & AF Guava.
I also got a box of Exotica. I love the coals, yet I can't seem to get my smoke to be perfectly enjoyable.

Here is what I do:

I pack my small egyptian bowl, sprinkle the Tobacco in lightly, make sure it's not above the rim, put 2 sheets of Aluminum foil on it shiny side down, poke a lot of holes in it, put the coals on it.

When I used to put 1 QL on there, it would almost always burn because the Bowl is so small that it's was impossible to keep the coal away from the middle.

But now that I use Exotica, I put 2 1/4 Sticks size Coals on there and I either get harsh smoke & a lot of smoke, or little smoke but not harsh.

So I was just wondering if anybody sees anything wrong with the above or if anybody knows how many coals or how much heat the 2 Nakhlas & the AF Guava (haven't tried this one) needs.

Also, should I get a bigger bowl?? I do have some tobacco sticking to the foil afterward because the bowl is just so small and I don't only want it to be like a 30 minute session...

Thanks in advance guys

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