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Default Re: what tobacco does to you?

ya, the whole group/social thing is great! but problem is, those who come over here arent too big into smoking hookah (but they chain smoke cigarettes?!?!?!). however, my gf does come over almost daily to smoke hookah. is this a good thing? yes because they LOVE to talk, and since she loves hookah (not as much as talking), it works out for me because i can just sit there and smoke while she blabs her mouth away (taking a break to get a puff inbetween blabbing). works out great.

i have had bigger social gatherings (5 smokers, 1 hookah!) but it was rather chaotic because they sometimes forget which way they are handing the hose (hookah might tip over) etc etc... the thing i hate about the bigger social gatherings is that for example, youre smoking say... al waha's after nine, 4 out of 5 love it, but that 1 person doesnt and constantly ruins the session by saying "ewww gross", or, "i dont want to smoke that"...
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