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Default Re: How many Exotica coals for Nakhla?

Originally Posted by twoapplesplease View Post
give ya an idea just how much too pack in a shallow wide egyptian.
I did mangle the foil pretty bad but no wories still smoke like a champ.Nakhla is a very forgiving god
I'm not the best smoke ring maker but I do alright
Damn that's a lotta Tobacco in there... and there's no burning or anything? How many coals did you throw on there and what size?

Originally Posted by BIGPOPPA View Post
I use this method often with Nakhla and have had no issues with harsh smoke or burning. The flavor is great and the clouds very nice.
I'll try that one tonight! Thanks guys!

Originally Posted by Mende View Post
its easy . . .LISTEN 2 ME you need 2 have 3 pieces on there. . .that you must not move. . .I reccommend poking the foil 2 look like a mercedes sign. put the coal on the parts that have no holes. if you have a shallow bowl . .USE A SPACER . .pack it to the rim. put ONE layer of foil . .make a ring the same size of the bowl . .put it on the bowl and place another layer of foil . that way your tobacco won't burn . . .Remember 2 poke thru both holes. . .. If you used a Mercedes hole pattern . .no need 2 move the coals around or ash them. HAVE A NICE SMOKE!
I'll try this one tonight also. Thanks!
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