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Default Re: A lot of Firsts this week

Originally Posted by 03rivers View Post
This forum has saved me so much money and improved my hookah life so much that there is no way I could ever express my gratitude enough. Before I found this forum I was smoking out of a tiny Chinese rig with QL's and epic smoke (can't believe I ever did that, just thinking about it makes me queasy) Now from what I have learned I have a KM CH Nat's and nakhla FTW
Same, I was smoking out of a dinky piece of crap my friend won from rushing a frat with QL and Royalty tobacco. Stuff's gross btw, it took me a while to realize that Mango didn't taste like Mango until I tried another brand. I'm now running with a Temsah Tri-metal, Exoticas, and Tangiers. Life is much better now. TY HookahPro!
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