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Default Re: Orlando Meetup went from Horribad to AMAZING!

Originally Posted by Hoohoodillyo View Post
Okay, so Scrubmonkey, Nazarhookah, Dart_06, a r/l friend of mine, and I Met up at a place in Orlando last night called Merdian Hookah Lounge. WOW this place is Horrible all they serve is Hookah Hookah brand tobacco... the worst stuff I/we have ever, ever smoked!

We tried various flavors in the <2 hours we were there, they pretty much all tasted like a burnt rear end, with only some if it having any kind of sweetness or flavor at all. Finally after getting our 8th hookah setup and being very disappointed Scrub suggested going back to our house and smoking there.
With our newly found Hookah Hookah headaches everyone agreed to GTF out of that nasty HH tobacco house, then the journey started! What should have taken us about 45 min drive back to mine and Scrubs place ended up being 1hr 15 min. We hit EVERY SINGLE light in the city AND then had the luck of having TWO, not one but TWO trains go by while we waited for over 15 min alone! Still, it was well worth it to show these fine people what fine smoking is all about!

So back to our place with Pizzas in hand we lit up a few coals and got two hookahs burning.

1st flavor was SB Cantaloupe/AF Mint that was the hit of the night burning for the whole time, about 2 hours with a set of two coals then 1 more to keep it going when they burned out.

2nd flavor was a SB KiwiStrawberry wasn't too bad, but MUCH better than any of the favors we smoked at Meridian 10 fold easy. Only had an hour on that flavor with a set of two coals.

3rd Flavor replacing the KiwiStarberry was SB BlueMist Most of us loved this one as well, but with all of us having the Hookah Hookah headaches it was getting hard to enjoy! Mahir didn't even get to smoke any as he was burnt out from the HH crap!

Overall Scott/Dart_06 and Chris (my R/L buddy who has only smoked hookah one time other that this day) said the night turned out great! So I am 100% sure to NEVER go back to a place that serves HH tobacco.

I am also very happy the way the night ended up, highly disappointed that we blew $60 between all of us for a crappy hookah bar, but satisfied with the end result. Back at our place we lit some amazing hookahs, ate some Pizza and Donuts, sat back in our garage on some comfy couches talking and laughing our hearts out, then watching the best movie ever, Sukyaki Western Django!

Thank you for coming out Dart and Nazar, and then taking the drive back to our place, we had a blast! Any one else who is ever down here near O town send us a PM we would love to have you over for an experience like this... just without the nasty HH tobacco plz! ~Joe and Jasmine.

Major apologies to you all for not having a good time. Seems like the Hookah Hookah brand had a lot to do with it. Just so you know, your comments on this forum played a big part in our switching over to Al Fakher tobacco. What do you think about the Al Fakher brand tobacco?

We hate hearing about unhappy customers, especially big hookah fans like you guys. We'd love it if you gave us another try. If there's anything else you think we can do better, please let me know.

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