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Exclamation Want get a new Hookah

Hey guys, Ive seen every day here on hookah pro somebody asking about help, because they either want to get a new hookah or get their first, and i thought to myself, "damn, i want to be one of those guys", cuz its nothing better than getting a new shiny hookah!:P

well anyway, ill get to the point, im going to sell the hookah im using today, ive thought about it a long time, and its about time i got myself a quality hookah. i have spent few weeks checking sites, reading reviews about the different type of hookahs to try finding the ultimate hookah. and my conclusion is that there isnt ONE ultimate hookah!

So after reading like severale hundred posts, i come to the conclusion, that its a matter personal preference. So I am going to ask you guys to help me make up my mind.

the brands i would be interested in:
Syrian brass
Temsah brass

Store should be in europe, since i live in norway, and paying $50+ in shipping is not an option. but by all means, if there is a shop in U.S that send it for 30$ shipping, i would of course be interested.

80-90$ for the hookah, im looking for 26-30" hookahs, so it should be possible getting something good to that price.

I know there are KMs that got low quality and also Syrian that dont quite live up to the expectiation(well from what i have read here on the forum, i dont have personal experience) So I want a hookah with good quality, and heavy stem, well atleast not too light, i want a base with quality, not one that explodes after putting ice in it(read someone experiencing it here on the forum) and of course like anyone else i want to be long lasting, as a student i cannot afford having 4-5 hookahs, so it needs to be a really good one.

I can link one example of a hookah that does complete all the standards ive written above:

its is a quality brand, shishabuzz is in UK and it got a good size to it, but i have tried to find a review of it, and i couldnt, so please if anyone have any experience with it, write it here, how the quality is etc.

please do post what you would recommend(with a link where i could buy it) post your favourite hookah, or the one you want to buy next time youre going buy a hookah.

thank you for reading, and hope your eyes dont hurt too much after reading this long post

Edit: Yes, I have read photolinger great post about "which hookah you should go for", but im interested knowing which hookahs are the better ones within each brand

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