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Default Re: Tangiers Eric Robbed?

Wow, crazy stuff. In response to husky, It could be possible that he put the bandanna on when he walked in, or took it off as he was walking out. Or, he could have simply had it around his neck and chin. Not as to cover the face, but a gang symbol. Not to mention, if I were Eric, and I were smoking Tangiers all day, I prolly wouldnt be too shooked up. Or I would tell the cops to let me smoke a session before the interview lol. Not sure about details, but if nothing was taken besides money on every person, then I dont think they would have to worry about inventory and stuff or however the money counting thing goes at the end of the day. It would also help out with some business, but as for being there for 6+ years and making some of the best shisha out there, i dont think this is phoney.

edit: is there a security cam video or anything?
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